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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School

Well, tomorrow I move my baby back to school,
It has been a very hard decision for her with lots of tears shed
by her and me.
She will do great, I am just a mom and worry about her.
I will miss her terrible, wait, she will only be 30 miles away.

I will miss her terribly anyway.


  1. I totally agree! She just needs to drop out and hang out with us all day!

  2. I know you will miss her:( She will have fun though, everyone loves her - she's always the life of the party! She will have to come home often - Call me. Love you, Barb

  3. I think that she will have fun and like you said, she is only 30 miles away.
    Love you, Laura

  4. Halloo m'dear, you won the vintage Valentines on my bloggie! Email me with where you'd like them sent...thanks for (Penniwig's)