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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Aggie Mae, Our Valiant Kitty

Aggie Mae with her favorite person, Douglas and grandson Ethan.

Aggie Mae from behind, she is so pretty.
The wind was from the north, and on a January day in Idaho that meant it was cold. The sun was shining and it was mid afternoon when the graveside service began for Aggie Mae. There were two people at the service, Doug and Karen. They loved Aggie so much and were so saddened at her sudden passing. Harriet Agnus, that was her given name, but everyone who new her called her Aggie or Aggie Mae. She had come into the Hillman's life nearly 18 years earlier. She needed a new home and Doug and Karen took her in. The first time Karen saw her she remembers she was pouncing down the hall at Karen's sister, Barbara's house. It was love at first site. She captured the hearts of the Hillman children, except for Brian, I don't think he ever liked her. But she especially became Doug's best buddy. When he would come home after work she would run to him and and put her arms up for him to pick her up and hold him. Every time he would sit down she thought she had to sit on his lap. Some of her favorite places were in front of the pellet stove or the wall heater. She was always cold. She loved to sleep in Karen's closet, under the bathroom sink and in the recliners down stairs. She loved to go outside to chase squirrels and wonder in the raspberry's.You might wonder about the sleeping arrangements and her habits and what exactly Aggie was. Well, I am talking about an adorable, long haired black angora cat. The Hillman's had a 3 year old cat, Cally already and they seemed to get along great. But in 2003 when Aggie was 7 along came another cat that the Hillman's rescued, Spencer. Aggie hated him from the get go. To the day she died she hissed at him if he got in her way. Anyway, Cally passed away 4 1/2 years ago from a tumor and we knew Aggie was getting older, but she seemed in good health. She would run around the house and play with her favorite stuffed mouse. For a long time every time someone would leave we would come home to a green glove by the door. It was Aggie's doings. She would get the glove, howl and drop it by the door. I hope when I get to Heaven she can speak and will tell me why she did that. Thursday night, January 2nd, 2014 we had gotten home from getting a friend that needed a ride from the airport. Michelle, Doug and I decided to watch "The Hobbit". With Doug in his usual chair, Aggie jumped up to cuddle. A little while into the movie she suddenly jumped off the chair and couldn't walk. She took a few dragging steps and fell. She had had a massive stroke and her left side was paralyzed. Her head was cocked to one side and she looked so sad. Doug picked her up and held her until 3:30 a.m. We would give her drops of water but as the hours wore on she had a hard time drinking them. We knew that we had a hard decision ahead of us. We took her to the vet, and they confirmed it was a stroke. They said we could take her home and try to rehabilitate her by exercise and spoon feeding her 4-6 times a day and try to get her to drink water but didn't know if it would help. Doug and I talked about it and wondered how she would go to the bathroom, she couldn't even walk. We made the very hard decision of letting her go. To see our faithful little friend incapacitated was to much. We got to be with her as she passed and we both wept. The people at the veterinary clinic were so kind to Aggie and us. After she was gone they took her and prepared her for burial in what they called a bundle. It made me feel so good to know she was wrapped up tight. Doug was able to dig a grave for her right next to Cally's, to our surprise since it is winter. We went out by the grave, Doug carefully put her in and we said a prayer. We love you Aggie and are so happy we had you for as long as we did.I can't wait to hug you and talk to you in Heaven! Till then, you and Cally have fun chasing around.  :o)

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  1. Hi~

    Okay, now that I am crying like a baby - let me just tell you what a beautiful tribute to Aggie that was. She was a special little cat, loved by her family! Thank you for posting, I have missed you!

    Hugs and Love,