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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We have a "mew" family member!

We Have A "Mew" Family Member
Meet Rudi, our new kitten. Our 4 month old Calico/tabby. We got her on Valentines Day (hence the name, after Rudy Valentino, valentines day, you know). Doug's idea but she fits it so well. Anyway, it took me a while to get over the lose of Aggie and Spencer and we couldn't decide if we wanted another cat or if we wanted to get a small dog. If I wanted a cat did I want a kitten or a mature cat. It was a hard decision but I thought if we looked a bit it might help with the decision. So on the 14th we set off to look at a few shelters and human societies. 
We started at the Bonneville County Human Society. They only had two older cats that day. Then we went to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter. They had a huge number of cats, mostly mature ones, I think the youngest was 8 months. As we left the IFAS I started to cry and said I felt we needed a younger cat due to the grandchildren and I just didn't know how the mature cats would be coming into our home with them having set mannerisms, personalities and patterns. 
We decided to try PetSmart  because we had heard that on Friday night they start bringing animals in for adoptions on Saturday. As we were walking to the area with the cats I saw a lady holding this sweet little Calico kitten. Doug almost ran to her to see if she was adopted yet. I kept my distance for a few minutes while Doug held her. It was a hard time for me, hard to explain it. Anyway, I finally took her and she snuggled right up to my neck and started purring. Well......that did it. I was in love. Four and 1/2 years ago we lost our 16 year old cat, Cally. I was about the only person in the world that she liked so it was harder on me than anyone else. She was a beautiful calico and we didn't realize it till we got Rudi home, but from the back she looks almost exactly like Cally, but Cally was a short hair. She has a lot of the mannerisms of all three of our previous cats but also her own personality. 
Rudi loves to explore, snoop, meow loudly if she can't find you, cuddle, snuggle, play with her toys, and most importantly she likes the grand kids. She loves to put her head on our shoulders and purr really loud. I think she is happy. I know she has filled a void for Doug and I and she has made us happy.
Welcome to your new home Rudi!!!

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