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Monday, June 9, 2014

Grateful for Sounds

Last week a friend of mine was talking to me about being grateful and that the only way we can do that is to honor our Father in Heaven every single day. I have been thinking of this so much since then.
Last Saturday I was sitting in the living room rocking Gretchen, Laura's baby. She had just fallen asleep and I was enjoying the still,quietness of this sweet baby. I didn't have any music going in the house, it was just quiet.
I started thinking about the sounds I was hearing and what they meant to me as far as gratitude.
  • The first thing I heard was the lawn mower. Doug had been out of town all week and the lawn was in dire need of a hair cut. As I listened to the mower I could smell the fresh cut grass. I love that smell. I thought how thankful I was for a wonderful husband out there making our yard look well groomed, of the nice grass we have to walk, sit and play on. I have been in areas of the country where they can't grow nice grass so I am very grateful for that. I am thankful for this free land that we live in as well. 
  • Next I heard an airplane fly over. Not 24 hours earlier I had gone to the airport to pick up my sweetheart. I am so grateful for airplanes, pilots, air travel to get us to our destinations quick and safely. 
  • Third, I heard my dryer drying our clothes. I usually use my clothes line in the summer to dry clothes (which I love so much) but it has been so windy and I used my dryer. I am so grateful for the convenience of the dryer.
  • Which brings me to my next thing, the wind.......I am not a lover of wind, I don't mind a breeze especially if I am working in the yard and a nice breeze comes up and cools me, but as I was listening to the breeze go through the tree outside the window I was very grateful for it. I love the sounds of wrestling leaves and I was glad it was cooling off Douglas as he worked in the yard and cooling off my house so I don't have to use the air conditioners.
  • Which brings me to another one, the ceiling fan. We have air conditioners you put in the windows. We haven't had to install them yet this year, but the ceiling fans are so appreciated. They don't cost as much as the ac and they are very calming to me. I also love the quiet sound of them!!!
  • I heard the birds outside and smiled. I love the sound of birds especially when I am laying in bed early in the morning and they are chirping away. The last two years we have had robins nests where we can watch the eggs, then the babies, then watch them leave the nest. 
  • Ethan, Laura's 3 year old was in the playroom watching a movie. I could hear him laugh at it and talk and giggle. I am so grateful for that little guy. He brings a smile to my face when ever I see him or think of him. 
  • Then I thought of this little angel I was holding. She was sound asleep and breathing so peacefully. What a joy to hear. I am so grateful for all of my grandchildren. I love their noises and everything about them. 

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  1. Hi Karen!

    What a wonderful post!! While I am typing, I am listening to the stillness of the house - no music, no TV, just silence. I feels good. Gratitude is something I need to think more about each day. There truly is so much to be grateful for - and your list is perfect!

    Love you much,