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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doug's Trip to St. Louis

Wow, I am awful at this blogging layout thing. I am trying to show some of the pictures of Doug's trip to St. Louis last week. The top left is a picture of the arch over the oldest courthouse in the west, I believe. Middle is a picture of the city from the top of the arch. Right top is the base of the arch. Top right is a view from his hotel room. Bottom left, the arch. Middle is the base of the arch, he couldn't believe how huge it is. Bottom right is of the court house. Doug loves history and anything to do with Abraham Lincoln. He said that Lincoln did a famous trial in this court house. I can't remember what trial it was. It looks like a fun place to go.


  1. Wow! Looks like he saw a lot of cool things. Dad is really going to like the new museum exhibit then, huh! I'm really excited to go.

  2. Good to have you home Douglas! I would love to go see that arch - awesome pictures!