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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The End of My Garden

These are bags of peppers from the garden. The bag on the left is full of Jalapenos. They are really hot.
A few of my crookneck squash.
Some of the tomatoes, soon to be salsa or chili sauce. I haven't decided yet.
My Walla Walla Sweet Onions were huge this year and oh so yummy on a burger.
The cabbage. You can see the monster on the end.
My apples are almost ready. I am eating one right now. It is yummy but will be much sweeter after the frost.
Well, I worked in my garden all day. We are having a storm front come in tomorrow, so I got out every thing that would freeze. This cabbage doesn't look as big as it is in real life. It weighs 10 pounds.


  1. That cabbage is HUGE!!! it is amazing. Good garden this year mom. Way to go!

  2. Holy flip! 10 pounds! That's waaay bigger than a cabbage patch kid. By the way, I used one of your crookneck squashes that you gave me a few weeks ago in spaghetti sauce today. It was way yummy.

  3. I can't believe the size of that cabbage! And I can't believe how wonderful your garden turned out this year - considering you put it in in June - YOU HAVE A GREEN THUMB!! Everything will wait for you while you are on the coast, having fun! Loved your pictures - and I love you too.

  4. You are amazing!! I will miss fresh produce!! I made chili sauce yesterday and it was fabulous that is what I vote for!! Have fun on the coast!

    P.S. You look just like my Mom in that picture! I hardly could tell the difference!