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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Joy of Grandchildren

 Our two granddaughters spent Saturday night with us. We had so much fun. We watched a movie, had popcorn and read books. They were so good. They went to bed at bed time and only got up once to go potty. Sydney is 6 and Payton is 2 1/2 and they are so cute. My two grandsons are adorable too, but they weren't here for the sleepover. I took some candid pictures of them that I want to show.They are so cute. I loved having them stay the night.


  1. What cute little girls and so full of personality. I am glad that they were good for you!! Love, Laura

  2. I just can't believe how fast those girls are growing up - they are so adorable!! I love being a grandma . . . life just can't get better than a sleepover, can it? Next week-end, I am having Emily and Caleb and maybe Taylor Jo, just for Friday night and Saturday - it should be lots of fun!! Hope you had a good day today, will see you tomorrow! Love you