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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What happened to the week

I am not sure what happens to my time. I know I have just as much as everyone else, but I can't seem to get things done like I would like to. Doug has been in Atlanta since Sunday on business and I had such lofty plans of getting a ton of things accomplished this week. Well, Monday I had a DUP meeting that I was at for about 3 hours, then I am not sure what happened to the rest of the day. I was taking care of Michelle since last Thursday when she had nose surgery, so I kind of helped her on Monday. Tuesday I got a lot done, I picked raspberries, mowed the lawn front and back, did several loads of laundry and hung them on the line, worked in my herb garden, had a presidency meeting at 6:30, talked to Doug when I got home. I feel I acconplished things but didn't. I still have a huge basket of ironing I need to do before Doug's work week starts on Monday. Wednesday is the day I spend with my sister and my mom. We usually go to lunch and run errands, shop, doctor appointments or what ever. Today we went to a new resturant called Buddies Italian Food. It was so yummy. After I left mom's at 5 I went and held our new grandson Ethan for a while, it's a grandma thing ;o)
Tomorrow I am hoping all the grandkids will come over and play in the pool. I won't get anything done in the house, but I will enjoy the day. I will post some pictures. As for the week, oh well. I always have next week, I hope.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! Where DOES the time go? I'm hoping that Fall will bring some "slow" to my life. It sounds like you got a lot done yesterday! I used to think that when we got "older", time would start to slow down a bit, and we could get more accomplished, Hah!! I think time just speeds up and we slow down!

    Buddy's was so good, a little slow, but yummy! It was a fun day - wish we could of found more at the flea market, oh well . . . sigh :0)

    Tell Doug, welcome home, and have fun with your cuties tomorrow. I really need to go hold that sweet Eathan, I still can't get over his smiles!

    Love you,

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