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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My husband was in the military...he likes his clothes ironed...he likes them done the right way...hense, I do a lot of ironing. I also had a father who was in the military...he liked his clothes ironed...he liked them done right...hense, I did a lot of ironing growing up. When I would iron my dad's fireman shirts (He was on the fire department) and if I didn't get them just  right, I would have to do them over until I got them right. Doug is not that picky, but he does like them to look nice. I like him to look nice. I hadn't been able to keep up on the ironing lately and I decided on Saturday I would start to get caught up. Today, Tuesday, I finally finished. I think it was 34 shirts and 5 pants. In the middle of it this morning my iron died, so I ran to the store and got a new one. It was so nice. I didn't realize how bad the old one had gotten. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I just wanted to toot my horn that I got the ironing done and I am going to try to keep up with it.
Also, I am decorating for Halloween and I will soon post some pictures. It is so fun. Off to my Tuesday night meetings. TaTa.


  1. Good job on getting caught up!! I can't wait to see your halloween pics! Love you!

  2. Ugh, ironing. I am never caught up on that- good job getting it done. It is funny how you don't realize how bad something is until you get a new one.
    I am excited to see your Halloween pics. I love to decorate for this time of year!
    Love, Laura

  3. Ironing is one of my not so keen thing to do but it has to be done, so great job on the ironing! I can't believe you got through all that ;)


  4. 34 shirts...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I am exhausted thinking about it! I hate ironing, but love the way my hubby looks in a newly ironed, starched white shirt!!! You are simply amazing!! Love you!

  5. Oh Boy, I remember that way too well!!! Dad did like his shirts ironed the right way, didn't he?! I don't like to iron, I will if I have to, but I try my best to get out of it every chance I get! I usually dry the shirts for a few minutes in the dryer then hang them up...Wa La...most of the wrinkles gone! You are my hero though - 35 shirts and 5 pants!! Kudos on the new iron!! Love you~