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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!!!!!

We woke up to some beautiful snow this morning!

Doug got a new snow blower this past fall and this is the first time he got to use it. 
He loves it. He went and did two of the neighbors driveways too.

This is a  picture of the neighbors across the circle. 
The snow was really coming down, now it has let up a little. 
I love the snow, but Heather and Ricky are coming home from Arkansas today.
They are in Dallas and will fly toSalt Lake. Then drive up here.
I will be a nervous wreck until they get home. 
Michelle and friends are going sledding. Now that sounds fun.


  1. I'm so glad that Doug got to use his snow blower - I thought it would never snow enough to use it! Heather and Ricky will be in my prayers - they will be safe. Ben's mom and dad are taking David to the MTC today, lots of prayers for safe driving. Enjoy your day! Love you, Barb

  2. That's good dad finally got to use it. I'm sure Joe wished he was your neighbor today when he had to go shovel!

  3. You can stop spazzing now. No incidents! So glad to be back. I can't believe that I sweated that much in December. I'm looking forward to being cold again.