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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Days Ahead

Well, Christmas is over. I will post some pictures of my house soon. I took them yesterday before everyone got here. I just wanted to write a bit on my feelings tonight. I always feel a bit sad when Christmas is done. I know the dark, cold, lonely days of winter are ahead. I think January is the month I dislike the most. It seems so sad outside. Evenings around dinner time are the hardest time of day for me. When Doug was in the Navy, the Navy Wife's Club would counsel the Navy wives to stay really busy at dinner time because that was the time that was the loneliest. It still is for me. I know Doug won't be home until 7 and it is dark at 4:30. I try to keep busy at that time with things around the house and fix dinner, but it is still hard. I do like this time of year if I get busy and work on things. Right before Thanksgiving, we moved my craft room upstairs. I haven't done a thing with it since then. I really haven't had time. I have decided that I am going to make the room so fun that I won't want to leave it. I am thinking of the pictures and lamps I want to put in it and Doug is going to move the shelf with my Barbie collection to the room. It will be a lot of fun. I am also going to set up my Cricut machine and the computer program that goes with it. I have had the computer progam for 6 months and haven't even taken it out of the box. I have some very fun ideas for craft projects I am excited to work on. I also like to do some quilting or crocheting during the winter on cold nights in front of the pellet stove. My problem is finding time to sit and enjoy the warmth. I hope I can this winter. I am determined to have a better attitude about it and enjoy it more than I ever have. 
Sweet Dreams. Karen


  1. I am the same way! I just need to find fun stuff to do this time around to keep me occupied!

  2. You so inspire me! I know that winter is hard, especially for us empty-nesters, even though our kids aren't far, it's not the same as when they were little and at our feet. Just remember that you are loved by so many for the wonderful things that you do for everyone. I can't wait to see what beautiful things will come out of that craft room! Love you much, Barb

  3. I was thinking about the post-Christmas let-down, too. I almost think that Christmas day is sort of a let-down, although I know it shouldn't be. I have decided that I really like the whole month of December better than Christmas. I know, lightning strikes!! But this month I have tried harder to concentrate more on the "true meaning of Christmas," because when Christmas Eve and Christmas Day get here, it is so hard to think of the real reason for the celebrations. My December was really peaceful (internally, anyway) because I tried to be more in tune. I think that is what I need to keep doing as the new year starts to keep the feeling of Christmas alive.

  4. It was fun to see you yesterday, it really made me feel more at home! I love you and Uncle Doug so much!!! The winter is hard but I love to think about Spring which surprisingly has become one of my favorite seasons. I guess after listening to "In the leafy Tree Tops" every night at bedtime I get thinking about how much fun it is to see the Earth start new. I love flowers at srping time.