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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make-It Monday, Table-Top Tuesday and a little rambling

Okay, I finally got my new hard drive to work and I think I have salvaged most of our pictures from the last several occations and years. So I am a happy camper. I am going to show my make-it Monday, because I was to busy yesterday to put it on. Michelle's birthday was on Easter this year and she wanted to have a fish cake. Mind you, I am not a cake decorator, so this is what she got. I hope you can tell it is a fish.
Now, for Table-Top Tuesday, this is a table I have in my front hall. I bought the table several years ago from my neighbor for $10. I love the table and it is fun to decorate. I can do holidays and seasons or what ever I want. The little pictures on the top and bottom selves are some that Doug gave me for my birthday several years ago and they are some of my favorite.
Now for the rambling. Thirty years ago today I gave birth to my first child, Brian. He was 6 lbs. 13 ounces and was so scary to me. After I had him after 36 hours of labor, they took him and got me and him cleaned up and then they brought him to me. They had him in one of the stretchy, thermal baby blankets that they had wrapped around him and he was so tiny and all I could see of him was this tiny head the size of a large orange. We soon got brave and unwrapped him and counted his toes and fingers. Now he is a grow-up husband and dad and I am so proud of him. He just left today for a 3 week business to Singapore and Miliasia. That is scary to me as his mom, I still think of him as that tiny bundle brought to me 30 years ago.
They grow up so fast.


  1. I LOVE the cake!!!!! I also LOVE the table...$10 what a steal, I have always thought it was pretty!! Happy Birthday Brian...I hope he enjoys Singapore, it is scary!!! I hope he gets there safe and takes LOTS of pictures. Poor Dayna, I hope she survives her 3 weeks, how hard!! Love you!

  2. I loved the cake! And the table is always beautiful! I feel the same way about Jacob, only he is 2, not 30!

  3. You did really well on the cake, it was so cute. I have always loved that table, you are so good at decorating it.
    Time goes so fast. 30 years ago, wow. Look how much he has grown...haha. Love, laura