back ground

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I still can't get my pictures to down load. I will try to have it fixed by next week. 
I found this poem that I wanted to share. 
If I had time to find a place
And sit down, quietly and face
My better self, which cannot show
Because my days are crowded so;
And see my distant gleaming goal,
It might be I should find my soul
And even thrill with thought sublime,
If I could only find the time.
-Author Unknown


  1. Why is it so hard to find the time for ourselves? don't you think that we should make time to sit quietly each day? We are counseled to meditate, and ponder on the scriptures. I think that we would find a lot of answers if we would to that . . . maybe we would find our souls? Love the poem!

    I will call you - I left my stuff in your car, imagine that!

    Love you,

  2. That is a great poem. I really need to stop and find time for things, otherwise life just isn't enjoyable.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am so glad that I have less that 100 days!! It is funny that you heard my music... Jerry has really helped me broaden my horizons, especially music.
    Love, Laura