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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

"The Age of Asparagus"       I love asparagus. Love, Love it. When I was a child, each spring we would all pile in the car and head out "asparagus hunting". We would go out in the country and search the ditch banks for wild asparagus. We would come home with bags of it. What wonderful memories. It was not unusual to be going out to our grandparents and all of a sudden dad would bring the car to an abrupt stop and we would know to jump out of the car and go pick the asparagus. We can't find it like we used to, I think it is still out there, but there are more people on this old earth and they beat us to the wild stuff. I decided several years ago that I would start planting it in my garden so I could have it for free in the years to come, it is so expensive at the store. It takes about 4 years for asparagus to come of age, if you will, and I just got my first picking this week. I know, it isn't much, but it was about a cup full when I chopped it into 1 inch pieces and boiled it. It was sooo good. Several years ago, my sister, Barbara got this cute Asparagus set for me at a thrift store. I love it. It is a little bowl with a lid to serve your asparagus in and a butter dish. The bottom of the dish says "Lorries Design" and a little Japan sticker. I am for sure using it this year when the rest of my asparagus "Comes of Age".


  1. That's awesome!! I was going to post about the home sign but my computer was dumb. it turned out adorable!! good job!

  2. How cute. It is cool that you are growing it yourself and are starting to see results. I like the dishes too, they are adorable. Love, Laura

  3. Hi, thanks for the visit...I too love asparagus...could eat tons of it! Love your pieces here, very cute! :D