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Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Can Make History Young Again

You Can Make History (Young Again)

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

I can feel the time closing in
I can feel the years crawling through my skin
And if I doubt myself I can count on the rain
To cover the tears of this aging game
But I can count on you to play your part
I don't miss a beat of your animal heart
And when you push from behind I know I can
Cover a mountain with the palm of my hand
And oh babe, you can make history young again
You could rewrite, you could decide
The things that should or shouldn't have been
You could look at me in the scheme of things
Oh babe, you could make history young again
I can watch the weeks sweeping by
I can recollect the hearts hanging out to dry
When the world shuts down I can touch my fears
I can hear lost youth ringing in my ears
But I lost nothing when I gained you
You just blew me away with yesterdays news
When you run your fingers down my spine
It's like throwing a switch on the hands of time
Ancient minds, ancient lives
Got a way of coming around
If I knew then what I know now
I'd make it back to you somehow

Those of you who know me know that Elton John is my all time favorite performer.
I have been listening to his music a lot lately. Some of his songs are so profound.
I love this song, "You Can Make History Young Again". It always makes me feel young and
helps me want to get all I can out of life. Life is short. It is not a dress rehearsal. Let's have
fun, show love and cherish each other.


  1. You are sooooo right! We can't let life get away from us! We do need to move on from hurt and pain. I was thinking this morning how fast summer has gone by - most of it seems to have been miserable! We can turn back the hands of time - but only if we choose to move forward! Our lifs will never be the same, but they are still our lives, and we have lots to look forward to. Elton John, we love you!!!

  2. It is too bad Elton John doesn't like girls, he is really missing out on 2 beautiful ladies here!!! j/k

    Life is so short and I see that more than ever now that I am a mother!!! Thanks Aunt Karen!